• Drama Title: Amazing Them 了不起的她们
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date:  TBA
  • Episodes: 50


He Qian Ru, Fang Ning Yan and Wei Zhi Yun are best friends. Their friendship has lasted from university till now, when they're about to turn 30. During the path of falling in and out of love, the three women meets different difficulties. He Qian Ru falls in love with Zhou Su Yu, a guy who's six years younger than her. Fang Ning Yan, who yearns for romantic love, marries Li Li Ping, a guy who's nothing close to the word romantic. Wei Zhi Yun, on the other hand, held on to and remained in a relationship that didn't belong to her. The three women struggled with issues of marriage, their emotions and family life but in the end, all three women gained growth, love and reunited with their families.



  • Victoria Song 
  • Tong Yao
  • Zhou Yu Tong
  • Bai Jing Ting
  • Zhang Wan Yi



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