• Movie Title: Altar Angel 西游之净坛使者
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date: 2022


The film tells that Zhu Ba Jie became a messenger of the pure altar after succeeding in the Scriptures. He became passionate about Jade Rabbit for pursuing lofty love, and was therefore involved in a plot to overthrow the heavens. He was in danger and crossed the modern society. The pig’s large intestine, which was born to be gambling, was found to have been used by spells to fight against the real estate businessman Ao Bing, who was forced to dismantle the vegetable market. He encountered a post-modern jade rabbit (Akiyuki) and struggled with the contradiction between love and dislike.



  • Rosy Zhao aka zhao lusi as Qiu Yue/ Jade Rabbit
  • Chen Bing Qiang as Zhu Bai Jie/ Pigsy
  • Timmy Huang as Sun Wu Kong
  • Cheung Tat Ming as Tang Seng




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