• Movie Title: Adoring 宠爱
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Release Date: Dec 31, 2019
  • Duration: 1 hr. 48 min.


The film features six heartwarming stories that follow people of different ages in the company of their loyal pets as they give love, receive love, discover love and learn to love again. Vivienne runs a pet shop and works as a veterinarian looking after the well being of all the pets in the community. She witnesses six stories about the people and the pets that they adore.



  • Yu He Wei as Gao Ming
  • Leo Wu as Chen Le Yun
  • Wendy Zhang as Jiang Nan
  • Yang Zishan as Qu Fei Fei
  • Elaine Zhong as Fang Xin
  • Wallace Chung as Li Xiang
  • William Chan as Zhao Yue
  • Tan Jian Ci as Luo Hao
  • Adi Kan 阚清子 as An Ying
  • Guo Qi Lin as Ah De


  • Wang Zi Yi
  • Zhao Yun Zhuo as Fang Xin (young)
  • Lang Yue Ting



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