Drama Title: Across the Yalu River 跨过鸭绿江
Origin: China
Release Date: Nov 26, 2020 
Episodes: 40


On June 25, 1950, the Korean War officially broke out. As the Seventh Fleet entered the Taiwan Strait, the U.S. military sent planes with ulterior motives to "mistakenly bomb" the city of Andong, causing casualties to innocent people. Forced by the situation, the angry new Chinese leader made the determination to shine. On October 25, the Volunteer Army Command was established. Based on Mao Zedong's strategic vision, Peng Dehuai, Deng Hua and others put forward the strategy of attacking sudden, interspersed, and divided encirclement. Because of MacArthur's underestimation of the enemy, although the battle was difficult, the volunteers were brave and tenacious. They fought the 38th line and occupied Seoul. Li Qiwei was ordered in danger, and a more cunning, more capable opponent appeared in front of the volunteers. Under the new war situation, the two sides began long negotiations. After countless fierce battles for the tunnels, on July 27, 1953, the war officially ceased. Chairman Mao Zedong’s wise decision made China dignified its nation, created a new decades of peace, and created a new world pattern.


  • Tang Guo Qiang as Mao Ze Dong
  • Ding Yong Dai as Peng De Huai
  • Liu Zhi Bing as Deng Hua
  • Wang Ting as Han Xian Chu
  • Wang Tong Hui as Xie Fang
  • Yao Gang as Hong Xue Zhi




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