• Drama Title: Follow My Dear General 将军请笑纳
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date: 2024
  • Episodes: 40


Ling Yun Zhou was born in the family of a senior official of the National Government. He studied abroad for many years. He returned to China in 1939. With the help of his brother Ling Yue Zhou, he entered the Shanghai financial circle during the isolated island period. Using his mathematics and economic acumen, he worked in the Wang Puppet Economic Special Committee. Ling Yue Zhou was the Shanghai Prosecutor General of the pseudo-regime at that time, secretly serving for the Chongqing government. 
Jiang Cheng Zi, the only daughter of the Jiang family of Shanghai shipping tycoon, has a complicated life experience. After meeting Ling Yun Zhou, she fell in love and got married, but had different dreams in the same bed. At that time, several anti-Japanese non-governmental organisations were active in Shanghai, one of which was led by Luo Ting, the female manager of the restaurant. Ling Yun Zhou and Luo Ting became congenial life and death friends. 
Under the leadership of the party, they engaged in secret battles with Japanese colonial institutions and traitor banks, and prevented Japanese invading institutions from grabbing real money from the motherland’s land. The field destruction of the Japanese and puppets' cleansing operations helped the anti-Japanese base areas to raise military supplies, and finally ushered in the victory of the Anti-Japanese War.


  • Liu Yun Long as Ling Yun Zhou
  • Yu He Wei 
  • Lei Jia Yin



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