• Drama Title: A Peaceful World 山河无恙
  • Origin: China
  • Released Date: Jun 17, 2021
  • Episodes: 10


More than ten years ago, Ye Zhiqiu, who was still a child, was spotted by Chang Shi Shisan, the master of the sword sect of the Western Regions, who was lurking in the rivers and lakes with the mission of the court because of his extremely high martial arts talent. He was killed overnight and recognized the thief as his father. More than ten years later, Chang Shi Shi Shisan became the only person that Ye Zhiqiu trusted and relied on.

One day, Jianghu was overwhelmed by three sects by Jin Yiwei under the imperial court overnight. The Jianghu sect, who was dissatisfied with the tyranny of the court, established a one-night alliance led by the Western Region Sword Sect, and respected Chang Shi Shisan as the leader. On a secret mission, Ye Zhiqiu got acquainted with the young master Lou Yin of Jin Yiwei, and then successfully sneaked into Jin Yiwei with the trust of Lou Yin, trying to destroy the enemy from within. In getting along day and night, Ye Zhiqiu has trust in Lou Yin. One day, when meeting with Chang Shi Shisan’s confidant, Ye Zhiqiu’s undercover identity was revealed. Lou Yin was sung by his old love and chose to break with Ye Zhiqiu. Who knew that Ye Zhiqiu, who had gone to the Yiye League, was met by his heart. The dissatisfied Changserv thirteenth disciple Jiang Pai'an blocked. The two sides fought with each other, and Ye Zhiqiu was seriously injured. Ye Zhiqiu's Lou Yin rushed to protect him with his life. Ye Zhiqiu completely broke with Jin Yiwei, and vowed to avenge Lou Yin, but Chang Shi Shisan who heard about this incident hoped to solve the misunderstanding with Jin Yiwei. Ye Zhiqiu obeyed the trick of Chang Shi Shishi, but caused Jin Yiwei to be bloodbathed overnight, and the leader of Jin Yiwei, Lou Zhongque, was captured. Knowing that he was being used, Ye Zhiqiu was extremely painful.

What is the truth and secret between the two? What will become of their friendship?


  • Fan Jin Wei as Ye Zhi Qiu
  • Rolling Wang as Chang Shi Shi San



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