• Movie Title: A Little Romance 一起等雨停
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date: Feb 6, 2022


 Song Xuan (Song Yaxuan), a cold and introverted schoolmaster, wandered outside with his parents since he was a child, longing for a stable life in his heart. Liu Wen (played by Liu Yaowen), a boy from the mountain city, is rebellious and has lived with his grandfather since he was a child. Although he has poor academic performance, he is quite famous in school. Due to the job transfer of his parents, Song Xuan transferred from Guangdong to Wanxing Middle School in Chongqing, where he and Liu Wen became classmates. Song Xuan, who had just arrived and had a language barrier, was out of place in the class and was discussed by his classmates. Liu Wen's kind rescue brought Song Xuan a little warmth. One day, Liu Wen saw Song Xuan who was being bullied outside the school. He rescued him and invited Song Xuan to his home to play. In the process of getting along, Song Xuan gradually opened his heart, and the two became friends who talked about everything since then. Liu Wen took Song Xuan around Chongqing and walked through the place where he grew up together. In return, Song Xuan decided to help Liu Wen make up lessons. With the help of Song Xuan, Liu Wen's grades improved by leaps and bounds. He seemed to have some goals after living his life in a hurry. But before the exam, Liu Wen was surrounded by gangsters on the road. Fortunately, Song Xuan appeared in time and rescued Liu Wen. The two ran to the riverside together, and agreed to go to a farther future together and see a bigger world...



  • Song Ya Xuan as Liu Wen
  • Liu Yao Wen as Song Xuan



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