Drama Title: We are the Littles 男排女將
Origin: Hong Kong
Release Date:Nov 23, 2020 - Dec 18, 2020
Episodes: 20


A few young people who love volleyball were rejected by the volleyball team because their height was not up to the standard. Later, they met Ka Yu, a former member of the Hong Kong women’s volleyball team whose volleyball dream was broken, and they awakened Ka Yu’s volleyball spirit with youth and passion. She became the first female coach in the history of men's volleyball in Hong Kong. They used actions to tell everyone "We are the Littles", but don't underestimate us!



  • Stephy Tang as Jeung Ga Yu
  • Zeno Koo as King
  • Anson Lo as Bobby
  • Edan Lui as Ah Lui
  • Sam Chan as Mr. Wang
  • Tiger Yau as Ah Ning
  • Ian Chan as Yue Cai
  • Jeremy Lau as Fong Cheung


  • Shirley Sham as Chong Chong
  • Zoe Yu as Cheung King On



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