Drama Title: The Witness 木棘証人
Origin: Hong Kong
Release Date:Oct 19, 2020 - Nov 13, 2020
Episodes: 20


TVB's new drama "Woodthorn Witness" held a styling conference. Luo Zhongqian, who was the leading actor, played a policeman this time: "I used to play the policeman is more brave, this time I will stick to the floor." In the drama, Luo Zhongqian said that in fact, there have been discussions about the schedule for the past three years: "As soon as this schedule came, I really wanted to cooperate with the actor team, because I have never worked with Wei Jiaxiong, I admire her, Zhang Xiuwen, Wen Ci Kelly (Zhang Xiwen) is the first time I work together, and I feel that I should seize this opportunity." www.qigou.cc " Woodthorn Witness" will start shooting in the middle of this month, and it will take at least three months. Luo Zhongqian believes Filming in Hong Kong has a big advantage: "In these three months, I can accompany my wife (Yang Yi), and my wife can start work with me. (Will I be filming more in Hong Kong?) Of course I want to, but the next turn Pour in (schedule) again." When asked about the difference between filming in Hong Kong and the Mainland, Luo Zhongqian said that he had been filming on TVB for several years, so he had more friends and had more fun at work.


  • Him Law as Ko Lik Kei
  • Kelly Cheung as Lee Chung Ying
  • Willie Wei as Lee Ho Fan

Supporting Cast:

  • Pinky Cheung as Ko Wing Yam
  • Sammi Cheung as Ho Pui Yan
  • Lau Kong as Yip Cheung Lok



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