Wai Cheong goes to Hong Kong to look for his dad's friend Ling Sing Po and to marry his daughter Ling Fung. Wai Cheong stays with his uncle, Tang Ken Chan. Tang Keng Chan is a greedy and tricky person. He owes a lot of money from loan sharks. Wai Cheong is a silly person who wants to help people and tries to pay his uncle's debt. Tang Keng Chan lives in house together with some other people. A mother with her daughter, two martial arts masters and Cheng Pik Wan with her brother. At first Wai Cheong and Cheng Pik Wan don't really like each other, but they start like each other after a time. Seeing each other having a hard time to earn money makes them even fall in love with each other. But Wai Cheong has been arranged to marry Ling Fung but Ling Fung doesn't like it. Tang Keng Chan meets Ling Fung and he find her really pretty and falls in love with her. When he finds out that she's the daughter of the rich man, Sing Po, he pretends to be Wai Cheong in order to marry Ling Fung. His plan doesn't work. After a while Ling Fung falls in love with Wai Cheong too, Cheng Pik Wan becomes famous, but still supports Wai Cheong as always. The four of them face a lot of problems in their love relationships.




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