• Drama Title: Golden Bowl 黃金萬両
  • Origin: Hong Kong
  • Release Date:  Jan 21, 2023 - Jan 28, 2023
  • Episodes: 8


The descendants of Wanjia Ramen, Wan Shuai, Wannian, and Wan Shi each run their own noodle shops on the street, causing vicious competition. There is also constant fighting between the sister-in-law and Jin Zhi. As the head of the family, Wan Ziqianhong  made a plan after her husband fell into a dream. Inside the wooden box was the "Golden Bowl" bestowed by the emperor. She was eyeing the wooden box, so Qianhong decided to follow various Chinese New Year customs and traditions during the period from the first day to the seventh day of the new year. who falls.



  • Nancy Sit as Man Zi Cin Hong
  • Raymond Cho as Man Sui
  • Mayanne Mak as Lung Gau
  • Ashley Chu as Fok Siu Yuk
  • Hugo Wong as Man Leen
  • Mark Ma as Man Sai




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