• Drama Title: Childhood in a Capsule 童时爱上你
  • Origin: Hong Kong
  • Release Date: Jun 27, 2022 - Jul 22, 2022
  • Episodes: 20


Poisonous KOL Ding You Yingying will publish videos teaching makeup skills and new product reviews online. The domineering and capable rich girl Lei Zitong founded her own cosmetics brand, but received bad reviews from Ying. In the entanglement between the two, Tong suffers an accident and loses his memory, and his mind is more like a primary school student. Tong's father coerces Li Yuying to keep secrets and take care of Tong. He tries to help Tong recover her memory and help her solve various problems.

Ying gradually fell in love with this "wicked girl" full of childlike innocence, and was even more infected by her childlike innocence, regained her original intention and re-examined her actions. At the same time, her childlike innocence also resolved the cold relationship between her family members and rebuilt a beautiful self. Tong's condition has changed and he is in urgent need of surgery. However, after the surgery, Tong may lose this memory of regaining his innocence. The family is in a business crisis and needs a strong Tong to support. Will Tong lose his childlike innocence again? How can Ying keep the heart of a child?



  • Samantha Ko as Lui Zi Tung / Amanda 
  • Owen Cheung asvDing Yau Ching / "Ding Gor"
  • Ruco Chan asvSheung Cha Lai / Charlie


  • Bowie Wu as Lei Chuk Kiu
  • Andrew Yuen as Raymond
  • Nicole Wan as Wing Cheuk Fei



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