• Drama Title: Big White Duel 白色强人
  • Origin: Hong Kong
  • Director: Marco Law
  • Screenwriter: Wong Wai Keung
  • Episodes: 25
  • Release Date: June 10, 2019


Big White Duel focuses on the politics behind the healthcare industry in Hong Kong. It centers on Dr. Yeung (Roger Kwok), the deputy director of Ming Shing North Hospital. He proposes a plan to completely change the hospital’s bureaucratic model, but is met with opposition from Dr. Tong (Kenneth Ma), head of the hospital’s cardiology department. Tong believed that Yeung’s proposed changes could affect the poor’s accessibility to healthcare.



  • Roger Kwok Chun-on as Dr. "YT" Yeung Yat-to
  • Kenneth Ma Guoming as Dr. Tong Ming
  • Natalie Tong as Dr. "Zoe" So Yee
  • Ali Lee Kai-sum / Li Jiaxin as Dr. "Kennis" 
  • Kelly Cheung Hei-man as Dr. "Yan" Lui Oi-ling


  • David Chiang as Dr. Lui Chung-hok
  • Ram Chiang as Dr. "Samuel" Yu Cham-sum
  • Matthew Ho as Dr. "Max" Poon Wai-tak
  • Stephen Ka Lok Wong as Dr. "Patrick" Lam Hok-kei
  • Crystal Fung as Dr. "Ceci" Fong Shu-ting
  • Ashley Chu Chi Yin as Eugene, Hong Kiu
  • Bobo Yeung as He Xianxi
  • Marcus Kwok as Lin Shaoliang
  • Momo Wu as "Macy" Wai Man-yi, RN
  • Zhou Lixin as Ma Yizhi
  • Kitterick Yiu Ho Ching as Zheng Jiahong
  • Aurora Li as Ou Zirou



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