Movie Title: The Secret Diary of a Mom to Be 復仇記
Origin: Hong Kong
Release Date: 2020


As the old saying goes, a child is a gift from Heaven. But for Carmen, a child is a curse, a creature only out for revenge. A woman’s life is forever changed when she becomes a Mom. Kiss goodbye toThe Secret Diary of a Mom to Be the thin waist, magnificent breasts and the late night wining and dining. Quality life is tragically dragged down because of the midnight feeding and frequency of poop and pee. For years, Carmen has no intention to have children and has enjoyed her quiet married life with her husband. But when she becomes pregnant by accident, her job transfer to the U.S. has been indefinitely postponed and she must give up her beloved smokes and booze. To top it off, when her mother-in-law moves in under the pretense of looking after her, her life goes haywire along with her hormones.


  • Dada chan as Carmen
  • Kevin Chu
  • Candice Yu
  • Louis Cheung



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