Chinese Drama Title: Life After Death 那些我爱过的人

Origin: Hong Kong

Episodes: 25

Release Date: 2021


A serious car accident seven years ago destroyed two families and changed the lives of Jiang Yucheng ( Lin Wenlong ) and Fang Lewen ( Huang Cuiru ). Seven years later, a traffic accident caused Yucheng to meet Le Wen again, and life is still sad and joyful. Le Wen and his sister Fang Shuwen ( Lian Shiya ) were stalemate because the people around them left one by one. Unexpectedly, Dr. Gu Xichen ( Ma Guandong ), who was acting strangely, could directly deal with the source of the problem. Le Wen is busy taking care of his daughter Zhu Xing'e (Huang Zhiqing) and his stepson Zhu Jiabing ( Gu Dingxuan ), while Yucheng has never been able to understand the needs of his only daughter Jiang Ziyou ( Su Hao'er ). Ziyou and Jiabing approached each other, and their mutual friend Mo Yuqian ( Li Renshen ) caused more problems for this relationship, and the truth of the car accident gradually emerged, and everyone must face changes again...


  • Frankie Lam as Keung Yuk Sing
  • Priscilla Wong as Fong Lok Man (Laura)
  • Shiga Lin as Fong Su Man
  • Mark Ma as Koo Hei San
  • Yoyo Chen as Chin Lei Yuen (Sabrina)
  • Stephen Wong as Kung Ka Hau
  • Kyle Li as Mok Yu Him
  • Bella Lam as A Bou
  • Dolby Kwan as Wong Siu Wan
  • Joey Mak as Cui Man Chi
  • Griselda Yeung
  • James Ng
  • William Chak
  • Otto Chan
  • Cheung Sze Yan
  • Erin Wong



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