Yin Tao 殷桃 is a Chinese female actress in mainland China.


  • Name: 殷桃 / Yin Tao
  • Birthday: 1979-Dec-06 
  • Birthplace: Chongqing, China
  • Height: 166cm
  • Weight: 46kg
  • Star sign: Sagittarius
  • Chinese zodiac: Goat
  • Blood type: B
  • Education: People's Liberation Army Academy of Art
  • Profession: Actress
  • Talent agency: China Kingway Communications


TV Series

    Astringent Girl (2021)
    Fighting Youth (2020)
    The Years You Were Late (2018)
    Frontier of Love (2018)
    Feather Flies to the Sky (2017)
    People's Prosecutor (2016)
    The Great Emperor in Song Dynasty (CCTV, 2015)
    Wo Wei Er Sun Dang Bei Piao (2015)
    If Happiness Comes (2014)
    Legend of Entrepreneurship (2012)
    The Fashion Editor (2012)
    No. 19 Huang Liang Hu Tong (2012)
    Love of Yan'an (2011)
    Wu Ze Tian Mi Shi as Wu Ze Tian (Hunan TV, 2011)
    Yang Gui Fei Mi Shi as Yang Gui Fei (2010)
    Zai Na Yao Yuan De Di Fang (在那遥远的地方) (2010)
    Cang Qiong Zhi Mao as Madam Zhang (BTV, 2010)
    Lohas Family (2010)
    Army Stories in Highland as Yang Tao (2008)
    Police Story as Chang Jia (CCTV, 2008)
    Da Zhen Zhu as Zhen Zhu (2008)
    New Stars in the Night as A Xiang (2007)
    Ai Le San Le as Dong Xiao Han (2007)
    Hong Se Niang Zi Jun (红色娘子军) as Wu Qiong Hua (2006)
    Happiness as Flowers as Da Mei (2005)
    Da Cuo Che (搭错车) as A Mei (2005)
    Li Shi De Tian Kong 历史的天空 (2004)

TV Series Theme Songs

    Wo Hai Shi Wo (我还是我) I'm Still Me, Yang Gui Fei Mi Shi opening theme song (2010)
    Nu Er Yin (女儿吟), Yang Gui Fei Mi Shi insert song (2010)


    1921 (2021)
    Sunny (2021)
    Goddesses in the Flames of War (2015)
    Police Story 2013 (2013)
    Crossing the River (2012)
    Today Tomorrow (2012)
    Internet Teenagers (2006)
    Red Banderole (2005)


    2017 23rd Shanghai Television Festival: Best Actress - Feather Flies to the Sky (2006)
    2013 29th Flying Apsaras Award: Outstanding Actress (Love of Yan'an, Family on the Go)
    2009 27th Flying Apsaras Award: Outstanding Contribution Award
    2006 23rd China TV Golden Eagle Award: Best Actress (I Take the Wrong Bus)
    2003 15th Shanghai Magnolia Drama Performance Art Award: Best Actress (I Will Wait for You in the Heaven)
    2003 8th Cao Yu Drama Award: Outstanding Performance Award (I Will Wait for You in the Heaven)
    2003 5th Chinese Drama Golden Lion Award: Performance Award (I Will Wait for You in the Heaven)
    2003 12th Wenbiao Award: Performance Award (I Will Wait for You in the Heaven)



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