Xu Kai Cheng, Xu Kaicheng (徐开骋) is a Chinese actor. He is known for his roles in the web dramas I Cannot Hug You, Moonshine and Valentine, I'm a Pet At Dali Temple and Well-Intended Love. Xu was born in Shanghai, China. He learned dance since young, and enrolled in the Shanghai Theater Academy in 2007, majoring in ballet. Xu first appeared in the variety program Jia You Hao Nan Er.

Interesting Facts:

Education: Central Academy of Drama
Birthplace: Shanghai, China
Agency: Ming Dao Studio

TV Series

    Shen Yi Feng Hou (2020) as Jun Linzhou
    Young and Beautiful (2020) as Xing Tianming
    Broker (2020) as Qin Bin
    Well Intended Love 2 (2020) as Ling Yizhou
    Boys To Men (2019) as Ou Yang
    The Next Top Star (2019) as Baili Lan (Guest)
    Well Intended Love (2019) as Ling Yizhou
    I'm a Pet At Dali Temple (2018) as Qing Moyan
    The Way We Were (2018) as William (Cameo)
    Moonshine and Valentine (2018) as Tao Jialin
    My Teacher Beauty (2018) as Qin Chao
    I Cannot Hug You 2 (2018) as Cui Junhe
    I Cannot Hug You (2017) as Cui Junhe
    My Ruby My Blood (2017) as Wang Ge
    Midnight Diner (2017) as Cai Zhiyong (Guest)
    Idol Hunter (2016) as An Feng / An Lin
    The Lover's Lies (2016) as Dong Xiaoqiu
    Moon River (2015) as Dong Haonan
    Mr. Bodyguard (2015) as Situ Jiong
    Campus Belle (2015) as Zhao Mo
    The Backlight of Love (2015) as Zheng Yang (Cameo)
    If I Love You (2014) as Liu Kai (Cameo)
    The Queen of SOP 2 (2013) as Duan Kai


    Onmyoji (2020)
    Perfect-Lover.com (2018)
    An Ying Te Gong Ju 暗影特工局 (2016) as Dong Pingan


    Fish in My Embrace (怀里的鱼) - I'm a Pet At Dali Temple (2018)


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