WOLF(S) 五堅情  is a five-member Taiwanese boy band. W for Wayne (Huang Jin), O for Nine Chen, L for Lai Yan, F for Feng Zi, and S for Shou (Lou Junshuo). It was formerly 九澤CP which   had  two members "九" for Nine Chen and "澤" Ze for Feng Ze aka Kenny Khoo 邱鋒澤. 九澤CP formed in 2019, but in 2020 three new members joined and they formed WOLF(S) 五堅情.


  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Debuted in 2019
  • Re-Debuted on July 14, 2020 under new band name
  • Active Years: 2019 - present
  • Agency: ReasonBrothers


  • Nine Chen aka Chen Lingjiu
  • Feng Ze aka Kenny Khoo
  • Xiao Lai aka Lai Yanju
  • Huang Weijin aka Wayne Huang
  • Lou Junshou


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