Reno Wang 王铮亮 is a male Chinese singer in Mainland China.

Interesting Facts:

Name: Reno Wang 王铮亮
Birthday: November 30, 1977 
Birthplace: Qingyang District, Chengdu, China
Spouse: Wen Wei (m. 2011)
Education: Sichuan Conservatory of Music
Genre: Pop
Movies: Ex-Files

Albums: 愛的自選, 聽得到的時間(王錚亮影劇歌集), 故事島, 不假思索, 滿滿的愛

Theme songs:

    Time's Contact (时间的脉络) - Ten Years Late (2019)
    The Most Beautiful Arrangement (最美的安排) - Zui Me De An Pai (2019)
    Return the World to You (归还世界给你) - Return the World to You (2019)
    Stars Field (星野) - The King of Blaze (2018)
    Willing Me (任我) - Ever Night (2018)
    You Have Never Forgot (你从未忘记) - All Out of Love (2018)
    Love the Whole World (热爱整个世界) - My Story for You (2018)
    Breaking Dawn (破晓) - Rule the World (2017)
    A Tourist That Goes Further and Further (越走越远的旅客) - Precious Youth (2016)
    There Is No What Ifs (只是没有如果) - Precious Youth (2016)
    Love's Faith (爱的信仰) -Immediately the World (2014)
    I Won't Be Alone (我不会一个人) - Happiness Drop From The Clouds (2014)
    Never Give Up (不曾放弃) - Ren Dao Si Shi (2012)
    Your Happiness Is My Best Gift (你的幸福是我们最好的礼物) - We Love You, Mr. Jin (2012)
    Waiting Here For You (我在这里等你) - Rules Before a Divorce (2012)
    For This Day (为了这一天) - Shi Yan Jin Sheng (2012)
    Within Happiness (幸福深处) - Ma Wen's War (2012)
    Because of Fate (缘来) - Master Lin in Seoul (2012)
    Missed (错过) - Master Lin in Seoul (2012)
    Smell (有味儿) - i Fe Shi Zen Yang Nian Cheng De (2012)

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