Pentagon, PTG ( 펜타곤) is a South Korean multinational Kpop boy band formed by Cube Entertainment in 2016. The band started with ten members, E'Dawn left the group and the record label on November 14, 2018. They were introduced through the Mnet survival show Pentagon Maker. 

members: Jinho, Hui, Hongseok, Shinwon, Yeo One, Yan An, Yuto, Kino and Wooseok.

Interesting Facts:

-Pentagon released their self-titled debut EP on October 10, 2016.
-Pentagon Fandom Name: Universe
-Pentagon Official Fan Color: UniNavy


Main article: Pentagon discography
See also: List of songs recorded by Pentagon

Korean-language extended plays

    Pentagon (2016)
    Five Senses (2016)
    Ceremony (2017)
    Demo_01 (2017)
    Demo_02 (2017)
    Positive (2018)
    Thumbs Up! (2018)
    Genie:us (2019)
    Sum(me:r) (2019)


Japanese-language extended plays

    Gorilla (2017)
    Violet (2018)
    Shine (2018)


Japanese-language singles

    Cosmo (2019)
    Happiness / Sha La La (2019)

Main article: Pentagon videography

    Pentagon Maker (Mnet-M2, 2016)
    Pentory (Naver V App, YouTube, 2016–present)
    Pentagon's Textbook (Naver V App, 2016–present)
    Pentagon's Private Life (MBC (HeyoTV), 2016–2017)
    Pentagon's To Do List (Naver V App, 2017)
    Pentagon's TNL (Thursday Night Live) (Naver V App, 2017) (Youtube, 2019)
    Just Do It Yo! (YouTube, 2018–present)
    Pentagon ’Star Road’ (Naver V App, 2019)


    Spark (Naver TV Cast, 2016)
    Hello, My Twenties! 2 (JTBC, 2017)

Concert and tours
Main article: List of Pentagon concert tours
Headlining concerts

    Pentagon Mini Concert Tentastic Vol.1 - Love (2016)
    PENTAGON 1st Concert in Japan (2017)[128]
    Pentagon Mini Concert Tentastic Vol.2 - Trust (2017)[54][55]
    Pentagon 2017 Tentastic Live Concert in Japan (2017)[129][130]
    Pentagon Mini Concert Tentastic Vol.3 - Promise (2017)[64]
    Pentagon 2017 Tentastic Live Concert in Tokyo (2017)
    Pentagon Mini Concert Tentastic Vol.4 - Dream (2017)[70]
    PENTAGON! Great Live Concert in Japan 2018 Your Whiteday (2018)[131]
    Pentagon Mini Concert Tentastic Vol.5 - Miracle (2018)
    Pentagon concert "PRISM" (2019)[102][103]

Headlining tours

    1st Japan Zepp tour - "Dear Cosmo (2019)[94][95]
    Pentagon Prism World Tour (2019) [105]

Concert participations

    United Cube Concert – One (2018) [132] (16 June 2018)
    U & Cube Festival 2019 in Japan (2019)[133]

Awards and nominations
Main article: List of awards and nominations received by Pentagon

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