Night Keepers 守夜人 is a Taiwanese band group. The band initially wandered in film music and game composition, and gradually took shape in various creative performances. In 2015, it was officially completed by the head and keyboardist Xu Zhang Night, the lead singer Ye Ye Leaf, and the drummer Qiwei Kit. Jun; Since 2016, he has been active under the banner of the high-quality music brand "Good Duo Music" established by the golden song producer Chen Jianqi, and released his first creation album "Eternal Night Island" amidst the anticipation of millions of downloading mobile game fans worldwide.


  • Name: Night Keepers 守夜人
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Label: Sony Music Entertainment
  • Genre: Rock Style: Indie-Rock
  • Active years: 2015 to present


  1. Xu Zhang 旭章 (lead singer, keyboard player, acoustic guitar player - 主唱、鍵盤手、木吉他手)
  2. Qi Wei 其偉 (drummer -鼓手)
  3. Zhi Ling 稚翎(Lead Singer -主唱)
  4. Jiaying 佳颖(Electric Guitar player -電吉他手)

Former Member

  • Leaf(Lead Singer -主唱)



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