Nicholas Teo, Nicholas Zhang, Zhang Dong Liang ( 張棟樑) is a male Malaysian Chinese singer and actor. Nicholas is signed under Red Bean Entertainment based in Taiwan. 

Interesting Facts:

    Birthplace: Malaysia
    Star Sign: Sagittarius
    Chinese Zodiac: Rooster
    Height: 178cm
    Weight: 62kg
    Agency: Play Music 

TV Shows

    Absolute Darling | Jue Dui Da ling (GTV, 2011) - Qian Chong Zhi
    Four Gifts | Nu Wang Bu Xia Ban (CTV, 2010) - Ren Shao Ting
    Love In Seoul 爱在首尔 (Travelogue) | Ai Zai Shouer (8TV, 2009) - Himself
    Woody Sambo | Wu Di Shan Bao Mei (TTV/SETTV, 2008) - Sun Wu Di
    Smiling Pasta | Wei Xiao Pasta (TTV/SETTV, 2006) - He Qun 

TV Show Theme Songs

    Qing Hua Kai Love Flowers Bloom, Woody Sambo (2008)
    Jiu Wei Xiao Le (2006)
    Xiao Wu Gui, Smiling Pasta (2006)
    Bei Ji Xing De Yan Lei, Smiling Pasta (2006) 


    Ratatouille (2007) Chinese Dubbed
    Third Generation (2006) 


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