New Pants 新裤子 is a four member, Chinese idol rock band group in mainland China. The band debuted in 1996 and officially released their 8th album "生命因你而火热" in 2016.


  • Peng Lei (Millionare Peng) as Lead singer; Guitarist
  • Pang Kuan as Lead singer; Keyboard
  • Zhao Meng as Lead singer; Keyboard
  • Hayato Kitō as Drummer


  • Origin: China (1996)
  • Record label: Low Transit Industries
  • Labels:    Modernsky (1997-present)
  • Years active: 1996–present
  • Albums: Go East, We Are Automatic, New Pants, Dragon Tiger Panacea, Equal Love, Disco Girl, Modern Sky 5
  • Genres: New wave, Punk rock, Disco, Pop rock


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