Band Members

Nell (Hangul: 넬) is a South Korean alternative rock band formed in 2001. The band consists of lead vocalist, keyboardist and guitarist Kim Jong-wan, lead guitarist Lee Jae-kyung, bass guitarist Lee Jung-hoon and drummer Jung Jae-won. The group was named after the film, Nell, that starred Jodie Foster. The band is known for their gloomy and psychedelic sound, and has achieved fame with hits such as "Stay" from Let It Rain [ko], "Thank You" from Walk Through Me [ko], "Good Night" and "마음을 잃다" (Losing Heart) from Healing Process [ko] and "기억을 걷는 시간" (Time Walking On Memory) from Separation Anxiety [ko]. Their third studio album Healing Process was chosen as one of five best recordings of the year by South Korean critics. Nell's fourth studio album Separation Anxiety was a hit in South Korea, ranking number one in various album charts.