Liu Xijun 刘惜君, Sara Liu Xijun is a female Chinese pop singer who rose to fame through televised singing competitions. Liu is of Hakka Meixian ancestry, she began as a singer by ranking fifth in the fourth season (2009) of a singing contest in China, Super Girls (Chinese: 快乐女声), or Happy Girl.

Interesting Facts:

  • Name: Liu Xijun 刘惜君
  • English Name: Sara Liu
  • Chinese Name: Liu Xijun (Pinyin), 刘惜君 (Simplified), 劉惜君 (Traditional)
  • Birthday: April 30, 1988
  • Birthplace: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
  • Occupation:    Singer
  • Years active:    2005–present
  • Awards: Super Girl - 2009 WinnerMTV Asia Awards – No 5 in Mango TV(Hunan TV) super girl 2009 Mainland China
  •  Labels:    Classic Music Queen in Mainland China 2009 EE-Media (2009-present)


    [2010.01.21] The Garden Love (爱情花园)
    [2011.05.25] Fuxiao (拂晓; Morning / Daybreak)
    [2012.11.27] Cherish · Jun (惜·君)

Mini Albums (Extended Plays)

    [2007.12.01] Sara
    [2008.07.01] Sara's Tianxia (君临天下; Sara's Sky)


    [2009.09.07] Tui Chu (退出; Withdraw)
    [2010.08.10] Yang Jiao Hua You Kai (羊角花又开; The Rhododendron Flower Blooms Again)


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