(K) NoW_NAME is a Japanese mix artists group/music creative unit in Japan . The abbreviation is " (K) _N ". As a new project of TOHO animation RECORDS, it was formed in January 2016, producing music for the TV animation "Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash".


  • Orgin: Japan
  • Genre: J-POP & Anime song
  • Years active: 2016–Present
  • Label: TOHO animation Records
  • Website: Knowname Website


    Tachibana Ayaka (Vocal)
    NIKIIE (Vocal)
    AIJ (Vocal)
    R・O・N (Music Creator)
    Miyazaki Makoto (Music Creator)
    Mutsuki Shuhei (Music Creator)
    Kohei by SIMONSAYZ (Music Creator)
    eNu (Music Creator)
    Mizuno Genki (Music Creator)
    so-bin (Illustrator) 



    [2016.02.17] Knew day
    [2016.02.17] Harvest
    [2017.06.07] Morning Glory
    [2017.06.07] Freesia
    [2017.09.06] Lupinus
    [2017.09.06] Baby's breath
    [2019.04.24] KNOCK on the CORE / Ash-like Snow 


    Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash (2016)
        Accompaniment (R / O / N)
        Opening theme "Knew day"
        Ending theme "Harvest" "Cultivate"
        Insert songs `` Head Wind '' `` Brave Storm '' `` seeds '' `` Stand on the Ground '' `` rainy tone '' `` Nutrient '' `` Growing '' `` sun will rise '' `` Swelling of Buds '' `` Sudden Storm '' 
    Sakura Quest (2017)
        Makoto Miyazaki
        Opening theme "Morning Glory" "Lupinus"
        Ending theme "Freesia" "Baby's Breath"
        Insert song: "The beginning is always mystake" "thyme" "dragon song" "Alcedo Atthis" "gravity" "Ptolemaic system" "rose rose" 
    Fairy gone Fairy Gone (2019)
        Opening theme "KNOCK on the CORE" 
    Drogledro (2020)
        Music production 


    Wizard and black cat with (2018)
        5th anniversary event Birth Of New Order theme song "New Order" 


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