Joe Ma 馬德鐘, Windus Ma is a Chinese male model and actor in Hong Kong. He was a former G4 member before becoming an actor. While being a policeman, his friend suggested to him to go into modeling that took off and lead to his acting career.

Interesting Facts:
Name: Joe Ma 馬德鐘, Windus Ma, Ma Tak Chung (Ma De Zhong)
Birthday: June 27, 1968
Birthplace: Hong Kong
Height: 185cm
Weight: 87kg
Star sign: Cancer
Chinese zodiac: Monkey
Blood type: O
Family:     Cheung Siu Lan (1993 - present) and son
Occupation: actor, model, former police officer
Years active: 1991-present

TV Series

    Private Shushan Gakuen (2020)
    Dive (2019)
    Xuanyuan Sword: Han Cloud (2017)
    Smooth Talker (2015)
    Tiger Cubs II (2014)
    Ad Mania (2013)
    Under the Same Roof (2013)
    Tiger Cubs (2012)
    The Legend of Xi Shi 西施秘史 (2012)
    Mystery of the Blue Butterfly (2012) as Ding Kai Wen
    Relic of an Emissary (TVB, 2011)
    Beauty Knows No Pain (TVB, 2010)
    Suspects in Love (TVB, 2010)
    Born Rich (TVB, 2009)
    When Easterly Showers Fall on the Sunny West (TVB, 2008)
    Catch Me Now (TVB, 2008)
    Untraceable Evidence (TVB, 2007)
    The Drive of Life (TVB-CCTV, 2007)
    The Conquest (TVB, 2006)
    Maiden's Vow (TVB, 2006)
    Revolving Doors of Vengeance (TVB, 2005)
    Strike at Heart (TVB, 2005)
    The Gâteau Affairs (TVB, 2005)
    Summer Heat (TVB, 2004)
    A Handful of Love (TVB, 2004)
    Hearts of Fencing 2 (TVB, 2004)
    Lady Fan (TVB, 2004)
    Triumph in the Skies (TVB, 2003)
    Vigilante Force (2002)
    Eternal Happiness (TVB, 2002)
    Let's Face It (2002)
    Country Spirit (TVB, 2001)
    The Awakening Story (TVB, 2001)
    ICAC Investigators (TVB, 2000)
    A Taste of Love (2000)
    At the Threshold of an Era II (TVB, 2000)
    At the Threshold of an Era (TVB, 1999)
    Man's Best Friend (TVB, 1999)
    A Matter of Business (1999)
    Burning Flame (TVB, 1998)
    Journey to the West 2 (TVB, 1998)
    Detective Investigation Files III (TVB, 1997)
    Armed Reaction (TVB, 1997)
    A Road and a Will (1997)
    Journey to the West (TVB, 1996)
    A Kindred Spirit (TVB, 1995)
    The Romance of the White Hair Maiden (TVB, 1995)
    Detective Investigation Files (TVB, 1995) as Tang Fung
    Fate of the Clairvoyant (TVB, 1994)


    Out of Inferno (2013)
    Dance a Wonderful Life (2011)
    72 Tenants of Prosperity (2010)
    Night Security Guard (2003)
    Cop Shop Babes (2001)
    Tough Cop Inside (2001)
    Hit Team (2001)
    Marooned (2000)
    Killers from Beijing (2000)
    The Hong Kong Happy Man II (2000)
    Desirous Express (2000)
    Clean My Name, Mr. Coroner! (2000)
    Untouchable Mania (2000)
    Eternal Love (2000)
    Body Weapon (1999)
    My Heart Will Go On (1999)
    The Victim (1999)
    A True Mob Story (1998)
    Special Duties Unit (1994)
    Burden of Proof (1994)

TV Series Theme Songs

    I am the Only One that can Cry with You (陪你哭也只得我) with Charmaine Sheh, ending theme song for When Easterly Showers Fall on the Sunny West (2008)



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