Jessica Hester Hsuan, Suen Huen, Xuan Xuan (宣萱 born 18 August 1970), also known as Suen Huen, is a Hong Kong actress. Hsuan's father gave her the name 'Jessica', while her mother gave her the name 'Hester', which gave her full name Jessica Hester Hsuan. 


  • Name: 宣萱 / Suen Huen (Xuan Xuan)
  • English name: Jessica Hester Hsuan
  • Profession: Actress
  • Birthdate: 1970-Aug-18 (age 49)
  • Birthplace: Hong Kong
  • Height: 171cm
  • Weight: 49kg
  • Zodiac sign: Leo
  • Chinese zodiac: Dog
  • Blood type: O
  • Family: Older brother
  • Education: Roedean School, Imperial College London (Materials Science and Engineering)
  • Languages: Cantonese, English, Mandarin, and Shanghainese
  • Talents: Playing the piano (up to grade 5). She played the piano herself in the TVB series Class of Distinction (1994) and Invisible Journey (2002).
  • Native origin: Shanghai, China
  • Religion: Protestant
  • Debut: Joined TVB in late 1992
  • First spot in showbiz: Filmed commercial for "Ferrero Rocher" Chocolate


TV Series

    Listening Snow Tower (Tencent, 2019)
    The War of Beauties (Anhui TV, 2013)
    Refresh 3+7 as Yu Jing (Dragon TV, 2012)
    Tiger Cubs (2012)
    Love Amongst War (2012)
    Curse of the Royal Harem (TVB, 2011)
    Bountiful Blessings (MediaCorp, 2011)
    Gun Metal Grey (TVB, 2010)
    A Pillow Case of Mystery II (TVB, 2010)
    ICAC Investigators (TVB, 2009)
    Sisters of Pearl (TVB, 2009)
    Just Love II (TVB, 2009)
    Parental Guidance 2 (MediaCorp, 2008)
    Healing Souls as Gu Lan (2008)
    Parental Guidance (MediaCorp, 2007)
    The Drive of Life (TVB-CCTV, 2007)
    Below the Lion Rock (TVB, 2006)
    Dicey Business (TVB, 2006)
    Tin Foh (2006)
    Life Made Simple (TVB, 2005)
    Just Love (TVB, 2005)
    A Handful of Love (TVB, 2004)
    Lady Fan (TVB, 2004)
    A Chinese Ghost Story (2003)
    Where is My Love (情歸何處/假如我是真的) (2002)
    Square Pegs (TVB, 2002)
    Golden Faith (TVB, 2002)
    Burning Flame II (TVB, 2002)
    Invisible Journey (TVB, 2002)
    A Step into the Past (TVB, 2001)
    A Matter of Customs (TVB, 2000)
    When Dreams Come True (夢想成真) (TVB, 2000)
    Witness to a Prosecution (TVB, 1999)
    Game of Deceit (TVB, 1999)
    Detective Investigation Files IV (TVB, 1999)
    Man's Best Friend (TVB, 1999)
    Rural Hero (TVB, 1998)
    Secret of the Heart (TVB, 1998)
    A Recipe for the Heart (TVB, 1997)
    Old Time Buddy (TVB, 1997)
    File of Justice V (TVB, 1997)
    Outburst (TVB, 1996)
    Cold Blood Warm Heart (TVB, 1996)
    File of Justice IV (TVB, 1995)
    A Good Match from Heaven (天降奇緣) (TVB, 1995)
    Class of Distinction (阿SIR早晨) (TVB, 1994)
    Happy Harmony (餐餐有宋家) (TVB, 1994)
    Master of Martial Arts (黃飛鴻系列之鐵膽梁寬) (TVB, 1994)
    Eternity (千歲情人) (TVB, 1994)
    The Edge of Righteousness (龍兄鼠弟) (TVB, 1993)

TV Series Theme Songs

    "十萬個為什麼" with Roger Kwok, opening theme song for Life Made Simple (2005)
    "軟糖" with Roger Kwok, insert song for Square Pegs (2002) and Life Made Simple (2005)
    Mamma Mia, with Lydia Shum, Paul Chun, Bobby Au Yeung, Esther Kwan, and Maggie Cheung, theme song for A Recipe for the Heart (1997)
    "難兄難弟" with Gallen Lo, Francis Ng, and Maggie Cheung, opening theme song for Old Time Buddy (1997)


    And I Hate You So (2000)
    The Masked Prosecutor (1999)
    The Hunted Hunter (1997)
    Hero (1997)
    Up for the Rising Sun (1997)
    The Stunt Woman (1996)
    Mr. Mumble (1996)
    She Was Married to the Mob (1996)
    01:00 AM (1995)
    Mary's Choice (1994)
    Tom, Dick and Hairy (1993)
    Flirting Scholar (1993)


    34th TVB Anniversary Awards: My Favorite TV Character for A Step into the Past (2001)
    33rd TVB Anniversary Awards: My Favorite TV Character for A Matter of Customs (2000)
    32nd TVB Anniversary Awards: Best Actress for Detective Investigation Files IV (1999)


-Hsuan graduated with a bachelor's degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Imperial College London in 1992.


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