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Jaurim (자우림, 紫雨林, meaning "Purple Rainforest") is a rock band from Seoul, South Korea. They had performed in the indie scene in 1993, and became major with their first released single 'Hey Hey Hey' (an original soundtrack of 꽃을 든 남자, A Man who is holding Flowers). They have released ten full-length albums, three unofficial albums, two original soundtrack singles, one original soundtrack EP (which was released as a digital single), and one concert album. Their ninth full-length album, 'goodbye, grief' (part of their "25 Waiting for 21 Project"), was released on October 14, 2013. The band is praised for their arrangements, and singer Kim Yoon-ah is often praised for her singing abilities and lyrics.

Their drummer, Goo Tae-hoon has run a major live club in Korea, 'Soundholic', since 2003; as well as the record label of the same name. In 2017, their twentieth year, Goo Tae-hoon announced his departure from the band, though whether it is an ultimate withdrawal or temporary hiatus is unknown.


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