Hugo Ng 吳岱融 is a Chinese male actor, singer and director in Hong Kong.

Interesting Facts:

Name: Hugo Ng 吳岱融
Birthday: 1959-Aug-22 (age 60)
Birthplace: Singapore
Star sign: Leo
Chinese zodiac: Pig
Family: Wife/actress Zhong Shu Hui (钟淑慧)
Children: One son
Relatives: A sister
Occupation: Actor, singer, director
Active Years: 1980- present
    New Media Sdn Bhd
(1984-1986, 2016-present)
Wireless TV
(1987-1993, 2015-present)
Asian Television (2005-2006)
Shaw Brothers (2017-present)

TV Series

    Fairyland Lovers (2020)
    Who's Not Rebellious Youth (2019)
    Your Highness (2017)
    Guardian of Beauty (2017)
    Love and Hatred of Snow (2015)
    The Empire Warrior (2015)
    The Investiture of the Gods (2014)
    Wonderful Spring (2014)
    Beauties at the Crossfire (2013)
    Beauties of the Emperor (2013)
    Puzzle 1927 (2013)
    Old Days in Shanghai (2013)
    Allure Snow (2012)
    Her Story (她的一生) (2012)
    Da Tang Nu Jiang Fan Li Hua (2012)
    Hidden Intention (2011)
    Good Wife and Mother (2009)
    8 Avatar (2009)
    Dad Wake Me Up When It Is Morning (2009)
    A Thousand Teardrops (2008)
    Duo Qing Nu Ren Chi Qing Nan (多情女人痴情男) (2008)
    Liao Zhai 2 Lian Xiang (2007)
    The Legendary Ranger (TVB, 1993)
    Yan Gui Wu (人鬼狐) (TVB, 1992)
    Jian Muo Du Gu Qiu Bai (TVB, 1991)
    The Witness of Time (天若有情) (TVB, 1990)
    I Do, I Do (花月佳期) (TVB, 1989)
    The Black Sabre (1989)
    Sung Ming Ji Lui (生命之旅) (TVB, 1987)

    Pin Ming San Niang / 拼命三娘 (2011)
    Beauty Pageant (2011)
    Hun Duan Feng Ren Yuan / 魂断疯人院 (2011)
    Can Xue Fei Ge / 残雪飞歌 (2010)
    Net-Work (2005)
    Dragon Squad (2005)
    River's Lake (2004)
    Hot Cop in the City (2004)
    The World of Ghosts (2003)
    Drunken Tai Chi (2003)
    One Shouldn't Ask Just Breath (2003)
    Bloodthirsty Wolf (2002)
    Lao Hao's Story (2002)
    Bloody Buns (2002)
    Go Nowhere (2002)
    Let it Go (2000)
    Millenium Dragon (2000)
    Jiang Hu: The Triad Zone (2000)
    Romantic Gunshots (2000)
    Street Kids, Dangerous Run (2000)
    Spell of the Statue (2000)
    Beast Cop (1998)
    Young and Dangerous I (1996)
    SWAT (1996)
    The Wild Couple (1994)
    Kill Brother (1994)
    Gambling Baron (1994)
    Strike Back (1994)
    Daughter Of Darkness (1993)
    Secret Admirer (1993)
    Angel Force (1991)
    The Young Dragons (1990)


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