F4 (Flower Four) or JVKV is a Taiwanese boy band group. The group F4 was formed in 2001 after the Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden that they starred in was widely successful. Together they have starred in several Taiwanese drama series and released three albums, Meteor Rain (2001), Fantasy 4ever (2002), and Waiting for You (2007).


  • Also known as: JVKV
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Genres: Mandopop
  • Years active: 2001–2003
  • Labels: Sony Music Taiwan (2001–2007)


  • Jerry Yan
  • Vanness Wu
  • Ken Chu
  • Vic Chou


In 2007, due to copyright issues, the group changed its name to JVKV, using the descending age of the initials of its members. Other than their home country, Taiwan, they have also attained popularity in other parts of Asia, such as the Philippines, mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, and South Korea. 


流星雨 (Meteor Rain) (November 2001)

    流星雨 - (liu xing yu / Meteor Rain) - F4
    我是真的真的很愛你 - (wo shi zhen de zhen de ai ni / I Truly Love You) - Jerry
    Here We Are - Ken
    誰讓你流淚 (shei rang ni liu lei / Who Made You Cry?) - Vanness
    為你執著 - (wei ni zhi zhuo / Persistence For You) - Vic
    第一時間 - (di yi shi jian / First Time) - F4
    要定你 - (yao ding ni / Setting On You) - Jerry
    你不愛我愛誰? (ni bu ai wo ai shei - Who Do You Love If Not Me?) - Vanness
    愛不會一直等你 - (ai bu hui yi zhi deng ni / Love Will Not Wait For You) - Ken
    最特別的存在 - (zui te bie de cun zai / The Most Special Existence) - Vic 

Fantasy 4ever (January 2003)

    絕不能失去你 (jue bu neng shi qu ni / Can't Lose You) - F4
    煙火的季節 (yan huo de ji jue / Season of Fireworks) - F4
    愛的領域 (ai de ling yu / Love's Terrain) - F4
    一個人的冬季 (yi ge ren de dong ji / Lonely Winter) - Vic
    晴天 - (qing tian / One Fine Day) - Ken
    當你是朋友 (dang ni shi peng you / You As A Friend) - Vanness and Ken
    Te Amo我愛你 - (Te Amo/wo ai ni/I Love You) - F4
    只有我 - (zhi you wo / Only I) - Jerry
    心理測驗 (xin li ce yan - Psychological Test) - Vanness
    怎麽會是你 - (zen me hui shi ni / How Is It You) - Vic
    Ask For More - F4
    Can't Help Falling in Love - F4 

Waiting for you 在這裡等你 (28 December 2007)

    體驗 (ti yan / Experience) - F4
    在這裡等你 (zai zhe li deng ni / Waiting For You) - F4
    你是我唯一的執著 (ni shi wo wei yi de zhi zhuo / You Are My Only Persistence) - Jerry
    Listen To Your Heart - Vanness
    殘念 (can nian) - Vic
    愛不停止 (ai bu ting zhi / Love Nonstop) - Ken
    七天 (qi tian / seven days) - Sung by Vanness
    白 (bai / White) - Vic
    無所謂 (wu suo wei / Doesn't Matter) - Ken
    我沒有辦法離開你 (wo mei you ban fa li kai ni / I Have No Way To Leave You) - Jerry 


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