Esther Huang 黃瀞怡 is a Taiwanese female singer and actress in Taiwan. She was born in Taiwan of the ethnic Tayal tribe. She is a Taiwanese girl band Hey Girl.


  • Name: 小薰 / Hsiao Hsun (Xiao Xun)
  • English name: Esther Huang
  • Real name: 黃瀞怡 (黄瀞怡) / Huang Ching Yi (Huang Jing Yi)
  • Birthday: 1989-Feb-27
  • Birthplace: Longtan, Taoyuan County, Taiwan
  • Height: 163 cm
  • Weight: 48 kg
  • Star sign: Pisces
  • Chinese zodiac: Snake
  • Blood type: O
  • Education: Hsin Sheng College of Medical Care and Management (Nursing)
  • Profession: Actress and singer
  • Music group: Hey Girl (formerly known as "Hei Se Hui Mei Mei")


TV Shows

  • Young Days No Fears (SETTV, 2020)
  • Sword Dynasty (2019)
  • See You in Time (TTV, 2017)
  • Just For You (SETTV, 2017)
  • The Age of Innocence (CTV, 2016)
  • Dear Mom (SETTV, 2014)
  • Fabulous 30 (SETTV, 2014)
  • Love Me Or Leave Me (SETTV, 2012)
  • What is Love (TTV, 2012)
  • Love Keeps Going (CTV, 2011)
  • Rookies' Diary 2 (FTV, 2011)
  • Love You (TTV, 2011)
  • 33 Gu Shi Guan (STV, 2011)
  • The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries as Ren Ying Ying(StarTV, 2008)
  • Rolling Love as Wasabi (GTV, 2008)
  • Brown Sugar Macchiato as Xiao Xun (FTV, 2007)
  • 18 Jin Bu Jin as Xia Nian Qiao (CTV/GTV, 2007)
  • Angel Lover as Young Lin Fang Hua 林芳華 (StarTV, 2006)


  • The Ideal City (2013)
  • Double Trouble (2012)
  • Love Is Sin (2012)

TV Show Theme Songs

  • Lollipop & Hei Se Hui Mei Mei - Ku Cha, Brown Sugar Macchiato (2007)
  • Hei Se Hui Mei Mei - Hello Ai Qing Feng, Brown Sugar Macchiato (2007)
  • Lollipop & Hei Se Hui Mei Mei - Hei Tang Xiu, Brown Sugar Macchiato (2007)
  • 甜甜圈 (Tian Tian Quan) Donut featuring Ah Ben, ending song for 18 Jin Bu Jin (2007)


-In 2005, she gained notice when she participated in Blackie's Teenage Club, a TV variety show aimed at giving opportunities to teenage girls to perform and to be selected into a singing group.

-She was among the first to be selected to form Hey Girl group which has released song albums and performed at many musical and public events.

-She has also frequently appeared on TV shows in Taiwan and in mainland China.

-She made her acting debut in an episode of the "Amazing Stories" series.

-She has appeared in supporting or major roles in quite a few TV dramas such as "Angel Lover", "Brown Sugar Macchiato", "Rolling Love", " Love You", "Rookies' Diary 2", "What is Love", and "Love Me Or Leave Me".



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