Eddie Kwan 關禮傑, kwan Lai Kit is a Chinese male Hong Kong actor. He shot up in popularity back in the 80's and he is a TVB artist. Eddie is also a member of the star football team.


  • Name: 關禮傑 / Kwan Lai Kit (Guan Li Jie)
  • English name: Eddie Kwan
  • Also known as: 小關 / Siu Kwan (Xiao Guan)
  • Birthday: 1962-Feb-05
  • Birthplace: Hong Kong
  • Height: 181 cm
  • Weight: 67 kg
  • Education: St. John’s Co-educational College 
  • Zodiac sign: Aquarius
  • Family: Wife Anna Leung (梁安娜) (m.1990) and two daughters (Guan Fengsin aka Fabienne b.1995 and little sister Guan Fengying aka Franziska b.2001)
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Acitve years: 1981- present


TV Series

    Blue Veins (2015)
    ICAC Investigators 2014 (2014)
    Ruse of Engagement (TVB, 2014)
    Swipe Tap Love (TVB, 2014)
    Beauty at War (TVB, 2013)
    Ghetto Justice II (2012)
    Grace Under Fire (2011)
    Ghetto Justice (TVB, 2011)
    Confucius (2009)
    Bao Qing Tian 包青天 (2008)
    The Gem of Life (TVB, 2008)
    Love Exchange (TVB, 2008)
    The Legend and the Hero as Bo Yi Kao (2007)
    To Grow with Love (TVB, 2006)
    Net Deception (TVB, 2006)
    Tian Xia Tai Ping (2005)
    The Vigilante in the Mask (TVB, 2004)
    Fate Twisters (TVB, 2003)
    Hua Mu Lan (CTV, 1999)
    The Female Official (女巡按) (1998)
    Interpol (ATV, 1997)
    New Dragon Gate Inn (TTV, 1996)
    The Truth (ATV, 1996)
    Rise of the Taiji Master (武當張三丰) (TVB, 1996)
    The Romantic Swordsman (小李飛刀) (TVB, 1995)
    Gambling on Life (TVB, 1993)
    The Buddhism Palm Strikes Back (TVB, 1993)
    The Link (TVB, 1993)
    Rage and Passion (TVB, 1992)
    Eastern Hero (TVB, 1992)
    Source of Evil (我為錢狂) (TVB, 1992)
    The Sword of Conquest (怒劍嘯狂沙) (TVB, 1991)
    The Zu Mountain Saga (TVB, 1991)
    Be My Guest (我愛玫瑰園) (TVB, 1991)
    Blood and Iron (鐵血男兒) (TVB, 1991)
    The Gods and Demons of Zu Mountain (TVB, 1990)
    Song Bird (天涯歌女) (TVB, 1989)
    Family Fortune (家山有福) (TVB, 1989)
    Flying Squads (飛虎群英) (TVB, 1989)
    Everybody Loves Somebody (公私三文治) (TVB, 1989)
    Greed (人海虎鯊) (TVB, 1989)
    The Sword and the Sabre (決戰皇城) (TVB, 1989)
    Bing Kuen (兵權) (TVB, 1988)
    Chut Toi Sheung Kui (絕代雙驕) (TVB, 1988)
    Behind Silk Curtains (大都會) (TVB, 1988)
    Genghis Khan (成吉思汗) (TVB, 1987)
    The Conspiracy (飲馬江湖) (TVB, 1987)
    Love in a Decadent City (錯愛) (TVB, 1987)
    Suet Gwong Fan Tong (薛剛反唐) (TVB, 1986)
    The Turbulent Decade (黃金十年) (TVB, 1986)
    The Unyielding Master Lim (林沖) (TVB, 1986)
    Police Cadet '85 (TVB, 1985)
    The Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain (TVB, 1985)
    The Feud That Never Was (拆擋拍擋) (TVB, 1985)
    The Battle Among the Clans (大香港) (TVB, 1985)
    The Fallen Family (武林世家) (TVB, 1985)
    Police Cadet '84 (新紮師兄) (TVB, 1984)
    The Duke of Mount Deer (TVB, 1984)
    Rainbow Round by Shoulder (畫出彩虹) (TVB, 1984)
    The Smiling, Proud Wanderer (TVB, 1984)
    The Foundation (決戰玄武門) (TVB, 1984)
    Angels and Devils (北斗雙雄) (TVB, 1983)
    Encounter with Fortune (鬼咁夠運) (TVB, 1983)
    Beyond the Rose Garden (再見十九歲) (TVB, 1983)
    The Bold Ones (豹子膽) (TVB, 1983)
    Legend of the Condor Heroes (TVB, 1983)
    Love and Passion (萬水千山總是情) (TVB, 1982)
    Hong Kong '82 (香港八二) (TVB, 1982)
    Soldier of Fortune (TVB, 1982)


    Happy Adventure (2011)
    Detective Cosplay (2005)
    Two Women (2005)
    Don't Enter the Deserted House (2004)
    Give Them a Chance (2003)
    Nightmares in Precinct 7 (2001)
    The Marvellous Cook (2000)
    Sharpshooters (1994)
    Bloodshed in Nightery (1993)
    Revenge of the Cheetah (1993)
    The Thief of Time (1992)


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