Darrien Zhang 张达源 a Chinese male singer and actor in Mainland China.

In August 2017, he appeared in the film and television work "Tian Tuan Trainee" and officially entered the show business. On 24 August, Tan Xiaobai, Wang Jiameng, Wang Chaoyang, Chen Minghao, Zhang Dayuan, Wang Zihao, Zhang Yongjie, Wang Yilong and Yang Fei together formed a 9-member "ZOOM Superpower" and announced their official debut in Beijing.
On 25 August, they released the music album "ZOOM" of the same name.

In January 2018, Darrien participated in the iQiyi variety show "Idol Producer". On 6 April 2019, he participated in the youth league training audition program "Creation Camp 2019", which was recorded as a player, was launched on Tencent Video.

On 12 June 2020, Darrien starred in the youth drama "Summer Night Knowing the King Warmth" playing the role of Chu Ran.

In 2021, Darrien starred in the TV series "My Calorie Boy". 


  • Name: Zhang Da Yuan 张达源 aka Dayuan Zhang
  • English Name: Darrien Zhang
  • Profession: Actor, singer
  • Birthdate: 1996-Sep-29
  • Birthplace: Heilongjiang, China.


TV Series

  • Never Wronged (2023)
  • Jianghu World Detective (2023)
  • Perfect Mismatch (2023)
  • Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty (2022)
  • My Calorie Boy (2022)
  • The Power Source (2022)
  • Out of the Dream (2021)
  • Qing Luo (2021)
  • Love of Summer Night (2020)

TV Series Theme Songs

  • He and She (他与她) by Perfect Mismatch (2023)


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