Da-iCE ダイス (pronounced Dice) Five sides of a die represent the members, while the last side represents the fans. The "a-i" in the name is intentionally spelt in lowercase, as "ai" means love in the Japanese language. Da-iCE is an all male Japanese Vocal and Dance group consisting of five boy members: Taiki, Toru, Yudai, Sota, and Hayate. Da-iCE debuted in January 15, 2014 under Universal Music Japan’s Universal Sigma label. They are managed by Avex Management Inc.

Origin:    Japan
Genres:    J-pop, EDM, eurodance, dubstep
Years active:    2011–present
Labels:    Universal Sigma
Associated acts:    AAA, Sky-Hi, TRF, Stevie Hoang

Da-iCE Official Accounts:
Instagram: Da-iCE Instagram
Facebook: Da-iCE FaceBook
Twitter: Da-iCE Twitter
YouTube: Da-iCE
Amebo: Da-iCE Amebo
Official Website: Da-iCE



Date of birth
Taiki Kudō (工藤大輝) Leader/Performer 28 June 1987 (age 32) Hokkaido
Tōru Iwaoka (岩岡徹) Performer 6 June 1987 (age 32) Chiba Prefecture
Yūdai Ohno (大野雄大) Vocalist 1 April 1989 (age 30) Aichi Prefecture
Sōta Hanamura (花村想太) Vocalist 15 August 1990 (age 29) Hyogo Prefecture
Hayate Wada (和田颯) Performer 3 February 1994 (age 25) Gunma Prefecture


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