C.T.O is an all boys Taiwanese band group with six members under Taiwans Creative Entertainment. The band group C.T.O name stands for “Creat Top One” and it was created on December 2nd in 2017. The band formerly debuted on June 28, 2018 with a single “C.T.O”.

C.T.O Fandom Name: CEO
C.T.O Introduction: Hello everyone, we are C.T.O!

C.T.O Official Accounts:
Facebook: C.T.O 
YouTube: C.T.O
Instagram: c.t.o_official
Weibo: CTO男团


  • Sean (尚恩) -Xue En
  • J.Win - Li Zhen Wei (李振纬)
  • Snoopy (史努比) - Zhan Shi Wei (詹仕伟)
  • Williams (威廉斯) - Wang Zining (王梓宁)
  • Hollis (霍利斯) -  Yang Zixin (杨梓鑫)
  • Yuching (宇慶) - Weng Yuqing (翁宇慶)


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