COLLAR is a Hong Kong seven-girl band group formed through King Maker IV.  They officially debuted on January 12, 2022 with the single “Call My Name!“.

Official Accounts:
Facebook: COLLAR.WeAre
Instagram: collar.weare
Youtube: COLLAR


  • Name: Collar
  • Origin: Hong Kong
  • Active: January 12, 2022 - present
  • Labels: Music Nation Records HK Television Entertainment/ MakerVille


  1. Sumling Li
  2. Garie Shum
  3. Winka Chan
  4. Ivy So
  5. Rejena Simkhada
  6. Marife Yau
  7. Candy Wong

Past members: Natalie So


According to the group leader Garie Shum, the group's name "Collar" has two meanings: first, it refers to a collar of the shirt, which indicates a person can't breathe when the collar is fastened, means every performance can "hold your breath" and makes the audience hold their breath; second, it refers to a clavicle, which is the most attractive body part of women and defines Collar becomes the most attractive girl group.


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