Chung King Fai 鍾景輝 is a Chinese, Hong Kong male actor and pioneer of contemporary performing art. He is also a director, TV producer, programmer, host and performing arts educator. He is the founder and president of the Hong Kong Federation of Drama Societies, Art Form Panels of the Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Chairman of Exploration Theatre, and Art Director of Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

Chung finished his secondary education in Pui Ching Middle School before studying at Chung Chi College, at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in English. He received a BA degree in Speech and Drama from Oklahoma Baptist University and his master's degree in Fine Arts from Yale School of Drama (1962). Back in Hong Kong, he was an actor and executive producer with the two major television broadcasters, and lecturer at Hong Kong Baptist University. He has also been an advisor to Hong Kong Repertory Theatre. In 1983, Chung was appointed the founding Dean of the School of Drama at the Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts. Chung introduced Theatre of the Absurd and Broadway musicals to Hong Kong audiences in Cantonese (mother tongue of the major population), with numerous stage performances. He has directed over 80 productions, including Equus, West Side Story, Rashomon, Teahouse, Xiaojing Hutong, Grease, M Butterfly, A Sentimental Journey and Noises off. Chung also holds an honorary fellowship at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and an honorary doctorate from Armstrong University of California. 


  • Name: Chung King Fai 鍾景輝
  • Also known as: King Sir, Dr. Chung King-Fai
  • Birthdate: March 23, 1937
  • Birthplace: Hong Kong
  • Star sign: Aries
  • Chinese zodiac: Ox
  • Education: University of Hong Kong, Oklahoma Baptist University
  • Occupation: Actor, director, producer and show host, educator


TV Shows

  • Come Home Love: Dinner at 8 (TVB, 2016)
  • Come On, Cousin (TVB 2014)
  • Rear Mirror (TVB, 2014)
  • Line Walker (TVB, 2014)
  • Will Power (TVB, 2013)
  • The Confidant (TVB, 2012)
  • Divas in Distress (TVB, 2012)
  • The Other Truth (TVB, 2011)
  • A Fistful of Stances (TVB, 2010)
  • The Stew of Life (TVB, 2009)
  • A Great Way to Care (TVB, 2009)
  • Word Twisters' Adventures (TVB, 2007)
  • The Building Blocks of Life (TVB, 2007)
  • Welcome to the House (TVB, 2007)
  • At Home with Love (TVB, 2006)
  • Land of Wealth (TVB, 2006)
  • The Dance of Passion (TVB, 2006)
  • My Family (TVB, 2005)


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