Bosco Wong, Wong Chung Chak, Ah Co, Ah Fei, Huang Zong Ze, Chung-chak (黃宗澤) is a Hong Kong actor under TVB management and singer under East Asia Music. A talent scout recuited Bosco while walking on the street in 1998.  


  •     Profession: Actor and singer
  •     Birthdate: 1980-Dec-13
  •     Birthplace: Hong Kong
  •     Height: 180cm
  •     Weight: 72kg
  •     Star sign: Sagittarius
  •     Chinese zodiac: Monkey
  •     Blood type: AB


-Bosco high school graduation(Form 7) and auditioned at TVB in 1999 at age 19. 
-Bosco started off by hosting several TVB programmes and played cameo roles(celafare) in various TVB series.

TV Series

    Your Secret (2019)
    The Starry Night, The Starry Sea 2 (2017)
    The Starry Night, The Starry Sea (2017)
    K9 Cop (2016)
    Under the Veil (2015)
    Destined to Love You (Hunan TV, 2015)
    Shao Nian Shen Tan Di Ren Jie (2014)
    The Ultimate Addiction (TVB, 2014)
    Coffee Cat Mama (TVB, 2013)
    A Change of Heart (TVB, 2013)
    Mian Bao Shu Shang De Nu Ren as Lin Fang Wen (2013)
    Witness Insecurity (TVB, 2012)
    Lives of Omission (TVB, 2011)
    Racetrack (CCTV, 2011)
    Grace Under Fire (TVB, 2011)
    Seven Days Love Isolation (TVB, 2011)
    The Mind Reading Detective (TVB, 2010)
    Growing Through Life (TVB, 2010)
    Don Juan DeMercado (TVB, 2010)
    Burning Flame III (TVB, 2009)
    The Gem of Life (TVB, 2008)
    Moonlight Resonance (TVB, 2008)
    The Seventh Day (TVB, 2008)
    War of In-Laws II (TVB, 2008)
    Heart of Greed (TVB, 2007)
    Devil's Disciples (TVB, 2007)
    The Price of Greed (TVB, 2006)
    Dicey Business (TVB, 2006)
    Au Revoir Shanghai (TVB, 2006)
    Under the Canopy of Love (TVB, 2006)
    Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion (TVB, 2006)
    The Zone (2005)
    Life Made Simple (TVB, 2005)
    War of In-Laws (TVB, 2005)
    To Love with No Regrets (TVB, 2004)
    The Last Breakthrough (TVB, 2004)
    Wong Fei Hung - Master of Kung Fu (TVB, 2004)
    Aqua Heroes (TVB, 2003)
    Triumph in the Skies (TVB, 2003)
    Find the Light (TVB, 2003)
    Slim Chances (TVB, 2002)
    Burning Flame II (TVB, 2002)
    The Legendary Four Aces (TVB, 2000)
    Lost in Love (TVB, 2000)
    A Matter of Customs (TVB, 2000)
    At the Threshold of an Era II (TVB, 2000)


    Golden Brother (2014)
    Together (2013)
    I Love Hong Kong 2013 (2013)
    Love in Time (2012)
    I Love Hong Kong 2012 (2012)
    Turning Point 2 (2011)
    The Fortune Buddies (2011)
    I Love Hong Kong (2011)
    My Sassy Girl 2 (2010)
    72 Tenants of Prosperity (2010)
    Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf: The Super Snail Adventure (2009)
    The Luckiest Man (2008)

TV Series Theme Songs

    Thankful to Meet You (感激遇到你), War of In-Laws II insert song, with Myolie Wu (2008)
    Keong Gim (強劍), Devil's Disciples opening theme song, with Kevin Cheng (2007)
    Role (角色), The Price of Greed opening theme song (2006)
    第幾天, Dicey Business ending theme song (2006)
    Nobody Loves (無人愛), Au Revoir Shanghai opening theme song (2006)
    我的野蠻奶奶, War of In-Laws opening theme song, with Liza Wang and Myolie Wu (2005)


    2007 Astro Award: My Favourite Character Award, for Under the Canopy of Love
    2005 Children's Song Awards: Top Ten Children's Songs, "Legend of Na Ja"
    2005 TVB Anniversary: My Most Favorite Improved Actor Award, Ling Mau Chun in War of In-Laws
    2006 Metro ShowBiz TV Awards: Most Popular Male Actor
    2006 Next Magazine TV Awards: Top Ten TV Artistes - 3rd Place
    2006 TVB Popularity Awards: Top Ten Most Popular TV Character, Ling Mau Chun in War of In-Laws
    2006 TVB Popularity Awards: Most Popular On-Screen Couple - Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu
    2006 TVB Popularity Awards: Predige Best Skin Award


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