Black Duck Trio 黑鸭子组合 is a Chinese Trio -girl band in mainland China. This band has been though a series of replacement of members.


  • Name: Black Duck Trio 黑鸭子组合
  • Origin: China
  • Debut: 1983
  • Record label: 镭声国际
  • Albums: 红军装 (翻唱)
  • Genre: Soundtracks, Mando-Pop


Lu Lili, Yin Shuzhan and Xu Xiuxia    1983-1992
Li Rong, Lu Lili and Xu Xiuxia    1992-1998
Li Rong, Guo Qi and Xu Xiuxia    1998-2003

Replacement: 2003-2006
Yang Man, Fan Tongzhou and Xu Xiuxia

Replacement: 2003-2014
Li Rong, Guo Qi and Li Wei    
Repolacement: 2006 to present 2015 
Ni Yafeng
Fan Tongzhou
Xu Xiuxia    

Current: 2015 to present

  • Guo Qi 
  • Li Wei
  • Ni Yafeng          


-The Black Duck Singing Group was established in 1992. It is composed of graduates of the Central Conservatory of Music in China.

-released nearly 50 records, and participated in many large-scale performances



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