Stage Name: Bang Yedam (예담)
Real Name: Bang Ye Dam (방예담)
Possible Position: Vocalist
Birthday: May 7, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 171 cm (5’7″)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean

Yedam Facts:

– Yedam is from Seoul, South Korea.
– His nicknames Dami and Yedami.
— Yedam appeared Stray Kids survival show (JYP vs YG battle)
– Yedam participated in the second season of K-Pop Star. He got defeated by his labelmates, AKMU and finished as the runner up.
– His father is Bang Daesik and his mother is Jeong Miyeong
– Yedam’s parents are both singers
– He can speak Korean and a bit of English.
– Yedam is an only child
– Yedam enjoyed singing and performing since he was a little kid.
– He trained for six years.
– Yedam and Sungyeon are classmates.
– Yedam is proved to be an amazing composer and even got credited for couple songs from Sechskies.
– He composes songs with Doyoung and says that Doyoung is his best partner.
– He’s very active and he likes trying to make friends.
– His attractive point is that he’s goofy and has a great voice.
– He thinks that his singing got more sophisticated over the time.
– Yedam wants to be a singer that sends hope to people and change them in a positive way”.
– His 3 phrases to describe himself are “17 years old”, “Searched 2000 times”, and “Magically sweet voice”.
– Junkyu calls him “God Yedam”.
– He was born on the same day as Nature‘s Uchae.
– Yedam goes to SOPA, he is under the practical music major
– He performed Pay Me Rent for his introduction video
– Yedam was the 2nd member to be announced for Treasure

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