Bae Lin 林贝芳 is a Taiwanese female actress and singer in Taiwan. She is a former member of the female singing group Roomie, graduated from Taipei Institute of Business and Technology. She possesses the accumulated musical energy, producing, composing and singing with a gentle but firm voice.


  • Stage: Bae Lin 林贝芳
  • Name(s): Bae Fong, Baebae Lin, Beibei, Beixiaohua, Caixin
  • Birthday: May 20, 1986
  • Birthplace: Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Education: Taipei Institute of Business and Technology
  • Occupation: actress, singer
  • Masterpieces: "One Second Time", "Wall of Heart", "So Long", "You Know", "There Isn't Too Many Reasons to Love You", "SUPER LOVER", "Love Me Like Before"
  • Main Achievement: Top 20 in China in 2013 "The Voice of Chinese Dream"




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