Anson Kong 江𤒹生 is a Chinese male Hong Kong singer and actor. He is part of a local band Japper and Cantopop boy band MIRROR.


  • Name: Anson Kong 江𤒹生 
  • Real Name: Jiang Sheng
  • Also Known as: Bi Shengjiang, boss, AK, Sam Kong, Shengfen
  • Birthday:  October 16, 1992
  • Birthplace: Hong Kong
  • Education: City University of Hong Kong
  • Occupation: Actor, Singer
  • Active Years: 2018- present
  • Record Company: Daguo Cultural Group
  • Agency: ViuTV, Great Power Culture
  • Band(s): Jappers, MIRROR


-good at dancing, as ViuTV "talent show Good Night Show national star-making " one of the last ten, and was derived boy MIRROR vice captain

-Jiang Sheng participated in the Happy Boys Hong Kong District Trial in 2013

-In 2014, he signed a contract with the company and was sent to South Korea to become a trainee.Only half a year later, the relevant company terminated its debut plan, and shortly after returning to Hong Kong, he also concluded the contract with the company, and immediately became a dancer.

-On November 3, 2018, ViuTV announced the establishment of a new boy group MIRROR . Jiang Sheng was one of the 12 members and deputy captain


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