Anita Yuen 袁詠儀 is a Chinese female Hong Kong actress. She won the Miss Hong Kong pageant in 1990 which lead her to enter the entertainment business and become an actress.


  • Name: 袁詠儀 (袁咏仪) / Yuen Wing Yee (Yuan Yong Yi)
  • English name: Anita Yuen
  • Also known as: 袁靚靚 (袁靓靓) / Yuen Leng Leng (Yuan Jing Jing) / Yuen Wing Yi
  • Birthday: 1971-Sep-04 (age 49)
  • Birthplace: Hong Kong
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Star sign: Virgo
  • Chinese zodiac: Pig
  • Blood type: O
  • Education: Ching Yee Lui Ji College
  • Family: Husband/actor&singer Julian Cheung aka Chilam and son Morton Cheung (born 2006-Nov-12)
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Talent agency: Da Hua


TV Series

    Pride and Price (2021)
    Eastern Battlefield (2016)
    Two Families From Wenzhou (2015)
    Royal Romance (ZJTV, 2015)
    Longmen Express (2013)
    Shui Hu Zhuan (2011)
    Love in Trouble Time (aTV, 2009)
    Born Rich (TVB, 2009)
    Love Exchange (TVB, 2008)
    Thank You Grandpa (ATV, 2005)
    Love's Lone Flower (CTS, 2005)
    Yi Jiang Chun Shui Xiang Dong Liu (2005)
    Drunken Kung Fu (醉無敵) (2004)
    36th Chamber of Southern Shaolin (2004)
    The Monkey King: Quest for the Sutra (2002) as The Goddess of Nine Heaven
    The New Judge (2002)
    The Turbulent Years (2002)
    Innocently Guilty (2002)
    Mr. Winner (神探方天谬) (2002)
    The New Adventures of Chor Lau Heung (2001) as Song Xi Hu
    State of Divinity (2000) as Ren Ying Ying
    Hua Mu Lan (1999) as Hua Mu Lan
    Angel's Call (1992)
    Be My Guest (1991) as Fong On Yee


    I Am Somebody (2015)
    The Deathday Party (2014)
    The Love Experience (2013)
    Ip Man - The Final Fight (2013)
    I Love Hong Kong (2011)
    72 Tenants of Prosperity (2010)
    Protégé (2007) as Jong's wife
    Love's Lone Flower (2005) as Gu Lian Hua
    Love Trilogy (2004) as Chui
    Kung Fu Girls (2003)
    Don't Look Back... Or You'll Be Sorry (2000) as Lisa
    Lensman: Power of the Lens (2000, voice)
    Dragon Heat (2000)
    Enter the Eagles (1998) as Lucy
    Anna Magdalena (1998) as Assistant Editor
    Till Death Do Us Part (1998) as BoBo
    A Chinese Ghost Story: The Tsui Hark Animation (1997, Cantonese version) as Xiaoqian (voice)
    Hong Kong Night Club (1997) as Cora
    God of Gamblers 3: The Early Stage (1997) as Seven
    He Comes from Planet K (1997) as Moon
    Up for the Rising Sun (1997)
    The Wedding Days (1997) as Rachel Lam
    Entrance of the P-Side (1996) as Yip Yuk-Sum
    Tristar (1996) as Bai Xuehua
    Till Death Do Us Laugh (1996) as Yuen Siu-Wen
    Who's the Woman, Who's the Man (1996) as Lam Chi Wing
    Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star (1996) as Beautiful
    Heaven Can't Wait (1995) as Moon Lady
    Just Married (1995)
    The Chinese Feast (1995) as Au Ka-Wai
    The Age of Miracles (1995) as Mrs. Sheung
    Tragic Commitment (1995) as Lam Hiu-Tung
    Thunderbolt (1995) as Amy Yip
    The Golden Girls (1995) as Mei-Ball
    I Want to Go on Living (1995) as Yip Fan
    01:00 A.M. (1995) as Fong Siu-Yin
    Tricky Business (1995) as Moon
    From Beijing with Love (1994) as Siu Kam
    He's a Woman, She's a Man (1994) as Lam Chi Wing
    C'est La Vie, Mon Chéri (1994) as Min
    Crystal Fortune Run (1994) as Ko Kit
    The True Hero (1994) as Hung
    I've Got You, Babe (1994) as Ron
    The Worth of Silence (1994) as Kwong Mei-Chi
    Crossings (1994) as Mo-yung
    It's a Wonderful Life (1994) as Shou-Kit Ho
    He & She (1994) as Tai Lok-Yee
    I Will Wait for You (1994) as Cheung Wai-Sum
    Taste of Killing and Romance (1994) as Yu-Feng
    Whatever You Want (1994) as Ko Sau-Ping
    Tears and Triumph (1994) as Sai Ming-Jun
    A Warrior's Tragedy (1993) as Ting Ling-Lam
    Prince of Portland Street (1993) as Yao-Yao
    Tom, Dick, and Hairy (1993) as Fong
    The Incorruptible (1993) as Joss Lee
    Deadly China Hero (1993) as Miss Nine
    Legend of the Liquid Sword (1993) as Red
    Sword Stained with Royal Blood (1993) as Jade Ho
    He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother (1993) as Yee/Lynn
    The Days of Being Dumb (1992) as Jane
    Handsome Siblings (1992) as Madam Ti


    Hong Kong Film Award (1999): Nominated for Best Actress for Till Death Do Us Part
    Hong Kong Film Award (1997): Nominated for Best Supporting Actress for Entrance of the P-Side
    Hong Kong Film Award (1995): Won for Best Actress for He's a Woman, She's a Man
    Hong Kong Film Award (1994): Won for Best Actress for C'est La Vie, Mon Chéri
    Hong Kong Film Award (1993): Won for Best New Performer for The Days of Being Dumb
    Miss Hong Kong Pageant: Miss Photogenic (1990)
    Miss Hong Kong Pageant: Winner (1990)


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