Angerme (アンジュルム Anjurumu), formerly Smileage (スマイレージ Sumairēji, stylized as S/mileage), is an all girls  Japanese band group from Hello! Project, which originally consisted of four former Hello! Pro Egg (Hello! Project trainees) members that left Egg in 2010 and became full-time members of Hello! Project. currently consists of 11 members: Nakanishi Kana, Takeuchi Akari, Murota Mizuki, Kawamura Ayano, Kamikokuryo Moe, Sasaki Rikako, Funaki Musubu, Kasahara Momona, Ota Haruka, Ise Reira, Hashisako Rin. The band debuted on June 7, 2009, under Hello! Project.

- In 2010, they won the Japan Record Award for Best New Artist. 
-In 2011, five new girls were added to the group as part of the second generation, with two being former Egg members and three new girls. With 3 members graduating, Smileage continued the rest of their career as a 6-member group.
-ANGERME’s name derives from the French words ange (“angel”) and larme (“tears”)
-Since the formation of Angerme, there have been 6 more generations and 5 more graduations.
- As of October 2019, the total number of members of the group stands at 10 members, one of which has announced graduation. 

ANGERME Official Colors: Blue, Pink (former), Purple (former)

ANGERME Official Accounts:
Youtube: アンジュルム
Twitter: @angerme_upfront
Facebook: Angerme
Google+: アンジュルム

Current members

    Akari Takeuchi (2011–present)
    Mizuki Murota (2014–present)
    Rikako Sasaki (2014–present)
    Moe Kamikokuryou (2015–present)
    Momona Kasahara (2016–present)
    Ayano Kawamura (2017–present)
    Musubu Funaki (2017–2020)
    Haruka Oota (2018–present)
    Layla Ise (2018–present)
    Rin Hashisako (2019–present)

Former members
Kana Nakanishi (2011–2019)
Rina Katsuta (2011–2019)
Ayaka Wada (2009–2019)
Maho Aikawa (2014–2017)
Meimi Tamura (2011–2016)
Kanon Fukuda (2009–2015)
Yuuka Maeda (2009–2011)
Saki Ogawa (2009–2011)
Fuyuka Kosuga (2011)



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