angela is a Japanese band that consist of the main members atsuko & KATSU. The band specializes in anime theme songs. The debuted and formed the band in 1993 under ANGELA then in 2000 changed it to angela.

Origin: Okayama, Japan
Genre: J-Pop, Anisong, Pop rock, Synth-pop, Baroque pop, Dance-rock, Ska jazz
Years: 1993-Present
Agency: music wonder circus

Main Members: 

        Full name: Atsuko Yamashita (山下 敦子, Yamashita Atsuko)
        Born: January 23, 1975
        Origin: Okayama Prefecture
        In charge of: Vocals, lyrics and composition

        Full name: Katsunori Hirasato (平里 勝敬, Hirasato Katsunori)
        Born: June 12, 1974
        Origin: Okayama Prefecture
        In charge of: Composition, arrangement, keyboard, guitar, bass drum, sanshin and DJ

Supporting Members:

    Jinbo-chan (じんぼちゃん)
        Full name: Yasuhiro Kojima (小島 億洋, Kojima Yasuhiro)
        Born: April 8
        In charge of: Drums
    Yuuki (ユウキ, Yūki)
        Full name: Yūki Somekawa (染川 裕紀, Somekawa Yūki)
        Born: December 2
        In charge of: Bass guitar
        Full name: Kanako Yamaguchi (山口 佳名子, Yamaguchi Kanako)
        Born: June 18
        In charge of: Violin
    Hazuki (葉月)
        In charge of: trombone
    Manami (愛美)
        In charge of: trumpet
    Nao (ナオ)
        In charge of: Saxophone


    [2003.12.03] Sora no Koe (ソラノコエ)
    [2004.11.17] I/O
    [2006.03.15] PRHYTHM
    [2009.09.09] Land Ho!
    [2011.06.22] mirror☆ge
    [2013.04.24] ZERO
    [2015.05.20] ONE WAY
    [2016.08.31] LOVE & CARNIVAL
    [2017.12.20] Beyond 

Best Albums

    [2007.12.12] Takarabako -TREASURE BOX- (宝箱 -TREASURE BOX-)
    [2014.05.21] Takarabako 2 -TREASURE BOX II- (宝箱2 -TREASURE BOX II-)
    [2015.02.11] "Soukyuu no Fafner" Complete Best Album (「蒼穹のファフナー」コンプリートベストアルバム)
    [2018.10.24] angela All Time Best 2003-2009
    [2018.10.24] angela All Time Best 2010-2017 


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