Ancy Deng 邓恩熙, Deng En Xi is a Chinese female actress in mainland China.

Interesting Facts:
Name: Ancy Deng 邓恩熙, Deng En Xi
Birthday: 2005-Apr-18
Birthplace: Chongqing, China
Occupation: Actress
Active Years: 2017 - present

TV Series

    Twelve Legends (2020) as Xiao Yu
    Legend of Awakening (2020) as Su Tang
    Detective Chinatown (2020) as Xiao Ai
    No Secrets (2019) as young Li Xingran
    Project 17: Skate Our Souls (2019) as Chen Ximing
    Boy Hood (2017) as Xing Shanshan
    Cyrano Agency (2017) as Chen Yanan


    Take My Brother Away 2 (2021) as Yang Tingyu
    Luz (2020)
    Back to the Wharf (2020) as Wan Xiaoning
    Chinese Examinee (2020)
    Summer is the Coldest Season (2020) as Li Jiahe
    Last Letter (2018) as young Yuan Zhinan / Yuan Mumu
    A Cool Fish (2018) as Ma Yiyi
    The Devotion of Suspect X (2017) as Chen Xiaoxin


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