An Hu 安琥 is a famous Chinese male singer, actor and presenter in mainland China. He debuted in 1994 and released 2 albums and developed mainly as a host. He has hosted programs for many TV stations in Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong and the mainland. Now he is also developing in the film and television industry. 


Name: An Hu 安琥
Birthday: September 5, 1974 
Birthplace: Dalian City, Liaoning Province , China
Height: 176 cm
Education: Liaoning Children's Art Theater
Occupation: Singer , actor , host
Agency: Beijing Chengli Qiandai Culture Media Co., Ltd. 


-In 2002, he began to contact film and television dramas and became the male number one in the TV drama "The Long Hair Fluttering in Each Place"

- 1995, he wrote lyrics and music for Zhengda International Records. His works were included in the solo albums of Sun Yue and He Jing .



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