Alisha effortlessly weaves between English and Korean, painting pictures of intensely intimate snapshots of life. Her R&B tracks seem to stem from darker personal experiences—a refreshingly blunt honesty that can be hard to find on the surface of Korea's music scene.


- She was born in Virginia, USA but moved to Seoul, South Korea when she was little.
- Alisha began listening to hip-hop and R&B when she was in the 6th grade, right around the time she got her first iPod.
- In college, she majored in International Business.
- During her senior year in college, she interned at a trade company and had plans to enter that same firm after completing her internship.
- The musician she admires the most is Rihanna, feeling that her voice is unique in that it blends amazingly with any type of beat.
- Her main hobby is travelling. She works hard to save up money so that she can travel at least two or three times a year.
- Her favorite shows are "Orange Is The New Black" and "Black Mirror".
- She considers herself obsessed with matching colors.
- Her favorite food is salmon, followed by Mexican food, then Vietnamese food.
- She enjoys soju and white wine.
- Her ideal type is someone who can make her laugh and has good taste in music.


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