As soon as Pu Quansheng returned to Wanmixi Village, he immediately held a Zhuge Liang meeting. Not only did he invite members of the village committee, Pu Quansheng specially invited planting experts in the village to let everyone talk freely. Pu Quansheng prepared a notebook to record them one by one. Liao Guixiang suggested planting medicinal materials and stone Biting Jin wanted to grow kiwis, and Xiang Ximei reminded him not to mention it again. The village used to grow kiwis and lost money.

Xiang Youliang feels that the land is not fertile yet and it is not suitable for growing rice for the time being. It is recommended to raise cattle and sheep first. Not only can the income of the family be earned, but also the land can be fertilized. Taking into account the limitations of the local situation, Pu Quansheng does not recommend growing rice. He collected the development and utilization of the tailings land in advance, and distributed the information to everyone for reference. Sha O hurried back and couldn’t wait to take photos of Xiang Ximei’s Polygonum indica fermentation. He wanted to finish the whole process of dyeing the cloth tomorrow morning. Sha Ou wanted to rush back to run for deputy director of Rong Media as soon as possible. She continued to work on poverty alleviation.

Pu Quansheng was very annoyed. Seeing that the poverty alleviation career that had just started was about to be abandoned, he was not willing to leave Sha Ou. He became more and more excited when he talked. He couldn't help screaming at Sha Ou. Sha Ou was also aggrieved. She didn't want to come. Mr. He forced her to come, and she finally got a little eyebrow, and now she was going to be transferred back, Sha Ou grieved tears in her eyes, Pu Quansheng realized that his tone was too heavy, and apologized to Sha Ou again and again, and promised to be satisfied. At her request, Shaou wanted to take a panoramic photo of Wanmixi Village. Pu Quansheng immediately called Xiang Ximei and asked her to tell the villagers to turn on the lights at home for fifteen minutes at 7pm and inform Ximei from house to house. Ma Changshun made an excuse that the light bulb at home was broken, so Xiang Ximei gave him five yuan to replace the light bulb.

Liao Guixiang meticulously matched the medicinal wine that nourishes the kidney and yang. Long Donghua wanted Shaou to take a video to promote it. Ma Changshun revealed that Shaou would return to the city tomorrow and would never return. Long Donghua was immediately dumbfounded. It was getting darker, and Xiang Ximei found that the school lights were not on. She hurried to Qin Xianwen to find out about the situation. Only then she knew that the village had a power outage. Pu Quansheng waited with Sandou on the hillside. It was almost seven o'clock. Wanmixi Village still It was pitch black and called Ximei to inform Pu Quansheng that there was a power outage. Sha Ou was very disappointed.

Xiang Ximei called on the villagers to raise torches and run on the mountain paths. Every household in the villagers lit their bonfires in the yard. Xiang Youliang lit mountains-like firewood. Tan Xianwen lit two large bonfires on the playground. Changshun turned on the lighter and held it high above his head. Wanmixi Village was instantly lit, and Sha Ou was so moved that she could not speak. She raised the camera to take this warm and unforgettable moment. Sha Ou loudly thanked the villagers for their accomplishment.

It was late at night, and Sha O didn’t want to sleep. She sat on the hood of the car and wanted to take a last look at the night view of Wanmixi Village. Pu Quansheng poured a glass of wine to see her off. Sha Ou just wanted to know why Pu Quansheng stayed here, but Pu Quansheng didn’t want to say. Talking empty talk, just wanting to change the poverty situation of Wanmixi Village by himself, this is also the only ideal in his heart. Sha Ou and Pu Quansheng exchanged cups and soon drank too much. They both took a nap in the car.

Early the next morning, Sha Ou woke up in a daze and saw Pu Quansheng taking a nap on the co-pilot. He hurriedly called him. Sha Ou was still drunk and worried about being checked for drunk driving. Pu Quansheng brought her a cup of berry tea. Hangover, promised to send her a ride. Pu Quansheng drove the sand gull to the intersection of the country. The two said goodbye. Pu Quansheng stood at the intersection and left without seeing the back of the sand gull.

Pu Quansheng posted the night view of Bowl Mixi taken by Shaou on the wall of the village committee. The villagers came to visit happily. Long Donghua quickly found her home. Unfortunately, the fire was too small, and Ma Changshun regretted it. His lighter turned on. It exploded, and there were only sporadic photos in the photos. Ke Yan found that the brightest pile belonged to Xiang Youliang's house, and Xiang Youliang happily closed his mouth from ear to ear.

Xiang Youliang asked Ke Yan to learn about the future operation of the Xiangximei public account. Ke Yan made it clear that he would continue to promote it. Most of the income goes to the village, and only a small part is distributed to Xiangximei. Xiang Ximei’s official account quickly gained 500,000 fans. Multimedia director Ding came to cooperate with Xiang Ximei. Xiang Ximei was unmoved, and Xiang Denggao tried her best to persuade her, and Xiang Ximei insisted on signing her own brand. In Wanmixi Cultural Tourism Company, President Ding put up a deposit of 50,000 yuan on the spot. Xiang Ximei never let go. Xiang Denggao did not want to miss the opportunity. He accepted the money for Xiang Ximei and promised to let Xiang Ximei become Wanmixi Village. The richest man.

Sha Ou found that Xiang Ximei’s fans had reached 500,000. She was very happy and wanted to put it in the campaign plan. Her colleagues advised her not to mention it, otherwise it would be counterproductive, because Sha Ou’s poverty alleviation business is aimed at Wanmixi Village. Instead of Xiang Ximei alone.


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